Friday, August 24, 2007

It Begins (again)

Well, here we are. A new blog in the hopes that abandoning the old one will help me maintain a higher level of maturity and interest.

I had the habit of posting scantily clad women and tasteless jokes on the old blog. Things of great interest no doubt, but perhaps not quite the best representation of myself (I hope).

So where do I and this blog stand?

Let's have a little self-reflection:

1) I am an undergraduate in economics entering my fourth year but set to land solidly in a fifth. Thus continuing my tradition of not doing large things in a timely manner. Before this it was getting to college, now it's getting out of college. I shudder to think of what I'll manage to do to graduate school.

2) I am extremely interested in most everything. This includes science, law, economics, history, literature, music, and, unfortunately for my self-respect, video games.

3) I am set for pursuing a PhD in economics, my GRE scores, research experience, grades, recommendations and general awesomeness will enable me to apply to top-notch PhD programs.

4) I wish I had gone into medicine, though I can easily imagine myself forgetting a scalpel in a patient.

5) I plan on taking the LSAT. HAH!

6) I enjoy arguing to the point of absurdity and exhaustion.

7) I like to win. It's a terrible quality that makes playing boardgames with me an unfortunate and often traumatic experience.

8) I enjoy a number of sports, all of which I play poorly (though I maintain I could be decent at tennis).

9) I am a liberal who hates liberals and can't understand conservatives.

10) I like White Castle.

What does all this mean for this blog??

I have no idea.